Architectural brush

An architectural brush is a tool designed for drawing architectural drawings or models. It usually consists of a long handle and a bundle of bristles, the length and stiffness of which can be adjusted to suit the drawing. The shape and size of an architectural brush can also be chosen according to personal preference and drawing requirements.

The main use of architectural brushes is to draw drawings and models in the architectural design process. It can be used to draw floor plans, elevations, sections, etc. of buildings. Architectural brushes can be selected with different bristles for different purposes, for example, with hard bristles you can draw the lines and contours of a building and with soft bristles you can apply colours and textures.

When using architectural brushes for drawing, you need to pay attention to some tips and methods. Firstly, choose the right bristles and bristle length to ensure that you can draw clear and precise lines. Secondly, it is important to master the correct posture of holding the brush and the angle of the brush in order to control the thickness and direction of the lines. It is also important to learn to use different brushing techniques and skills, such as drawing details with the tip of the brush and applying colour with the sides.

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