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Changzhou Feiwang Tool Co., Ltd. Is located at Changzhou city, Jiangsu province. It was founded by Li Huanzhong. Mr. Li started his business in 1989. He was known as an expert throughout the brush manufacturing industry. After accumulating for a long time, he founded Feiwang tool in 2005. Feiwang tool is a comprehensive factory specialized in manufacturing brushes in various specifications. Feiwang tool is a leading manufacturer in China. It professionally manufactures wire brushes, brooms, cleaning brushes, foam brushes etc. The products are superb and beautiful.


Foam Brush

We’re the Top 1 foam brush manufacturer in China. Monthly capacity has reached 8M pcs. We can offer both Polyether foam( Density 20/30/40 kg/m3) and Polyester foam( Density 30 kg/m3) .

Paint Brush

A paintbrush is a tool used by artists to apply paint to a canvas or other surfaces. It consists of a handle and bristles, which are usually made of natural or synthetic fibers. The handle provides a comfortable grip for the artist, while the bristles hold the paint and allow for precise application.

Architectural Brush

It is a versatile brush that can be used for various techniques such as stippling, cross-hatching, and shading.

Cleaning brush

We can offer Nylon, PP, PET, Horse hair, Palmyra, Coco, Tampico Fiber at various shapes.

Floor brush& broom

Floor brush and broom are essential tools for cleaning floors. They are commonly used in households, offices, and other commercial spaces.

Wire brush

We can offer Brass, Brass coated, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless wire with high quality wooden or plastic handle.


Foam Brush / Paint Brush / Cleaning brush / Floor brush& broom / Architectural Brush / Wire brush